Ode to You: My First Seventeen Concert

Say the name …

I remember when Seventeen came to Dallas in the summer of 2017. I was ecstatic, but I didn’t end up going. I had just started a new job and to me, asking for time off then seemed too early. So I said I shall see them again. Little did I know it would be three years later. To think I may have missed them again if not for a friend who said “Hey you going to Seventeen?” I was like “WHAT!!??” So long story short, once I found this out, oh man, you best believed I jumped on that!

Spoiler alert: It was everything I dreamed of and more! Only downside is I didn’t get a light stick in time for the concert and my Carat heart was sad for a moment, but that quickly dissipated. Also S.Coups wasn’t with the group as he was taking a mental health break. I’m a little sad I couldn’t see all of them together, but I much rather them take care of themselves than to push beyond their capacity.

The day of the concert I was so excited I could hardly wait to leave work. Seventeen has always been a group I put on when I want to rock out or just feel happy. From “Very Nice,” to “Good to Me,” “Home” and “Boom Boom,” every song this group puts out gets me grooving. Needless to say, I was beyond excited to see them in person.

My Experience

I saw Seventeen at the Dallas concert at the Toyota Music Factory in Irving. It’s a smaller venue, compared to the Verizon Theater in Grapevine where I saw my first two K-pop concerts. Parking and getting inside was a breeze no worries there. If you want merch (ESPECIALLY a light stick) I would suggest getting there as soon as doors open. (The light sticks were sold out in Dallas in less than 30 minutes.) My roomie and I got there about an hour before the concert started. We were kinda hungry since we didn’t have dinner yet and decided to grab some snacks before showtime. We both got an order of french fries, and I was pretty impressed with how good they tasted. We tried to find some banners to hold during the concert, but we didn’t see any and just headed back to our seats. While we waited, several of Seventeen’s music videos played. At 7:30 p.m. the lights dimmed and the boys came out with a banger: “Getting Closer”

Concert Highlights ❤

Hoshi is so adorable! I didn’t not know that boy had that much personality. He’s literally out here wrecking my bias, and I don’t appreciate it (jk). He tried to teach us a chant but totally messed it up and the boys didn’t let him live it down all night. Sigh … so cute. Okay Tiger we see you ❤


Vernon fever was real for me. In case you didn’t know, he’s my bias, and I absolutely adore him. My friend told me he knows he’s cute and totally plays on that, but I seriously don’t mind. Next year I’m going for a hi-touch so he can see his wife up close hehehe…

Woozi. Just Woozi. Boy can dance. He graced the stage so well and drew me in with every ounce of movement. I have to go back and watch videos of him because, wow.

Adore U. This one was a highlight for me just because I love this song so much. Plus the stage was super, super cute!

Very Nice! was definitely a highlight. Played at the end of the concert, the song brought me back to the days when I was first getting into K-pop, and I happened to stumble upon this song. I loved it then and I love now. The boys are such a happy group and when this song starting playing I just fangirled and couldn’t help jumping around like a crazy woman.

HIT. I was seriously about to be mad if they didn’t play this song. It’s a bop and a half! But thankfully they did and my night was made. It’s such a high energy song and you can really see the talent and power this group holds every time they perform it.

Smile Flower. This song was dedicated to us Carats and I wasn’t expecting such a sweet song. When I tell you I almost cried …

Lilili Yabbay. The choreography for this song is simply amazing! I had honestly forgotten about this song but when the boys came with their flowy, white robes I knew. Graceful and flawless.

Takeaway ❤

Definitely can’t wait to see them again (next time I will have a light stick in hand lol). From the flawless dancing, powerful vocals and stunning sets and visuals, I enjoyed every second of this show. Seeing them in concert is a reminder of why I began to stan this talented group of boys. They are such a happy group, full of bright smiles and laughter, something that I am utterly attracted to. This concert gave me a deeper appreciation for the talent and hard work that I can see they put into everything they do. From the bright and colorful stages, to the goofy demeanors to the humble thank you’s, I left thinking one thing: What a group.

Courtesy of K-popped.com

Did you see Seventeen in Dallas or somewhere else? Tell me your favorite part of the show in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “Ode to You: My First Seventeen Concert

  1. This concert was absolutely amazing! This blog post is amazing! I was literally reliving this night by reading it! Also, Woozi is the best! I want a whole concert of just Woozi dancing. His moves were so powerful and graceful at the same time! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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